Support worker Harley worked in a dementia care home before starting his role at Cornmill House. Having worked in a different care setting, the quality and style of Cornmill House stood out to him. “The flats here look brilliant. They’re modern and you can see the quality in the materials. They are homes not rooms, and everyone has been able to put their own personality and stamp on them. Everyone has done something different.

“There’s lots of space here that means there is so much free movement – nothing feels inhibited. The layout is perfectly designed for easy access including the corridors, staircases and lifts. It means our residents with power-assisted wheelchairs, for example, can really live life their own way.”

For Harley, the external appearance of Cornmill House made a big impression. He said: “It just looks like a block of apartments. That helps carry any stigma or negative perception away about living in a care setting.

For residents it feels like they are coming back to a place that feels like home.”

As a support worker, Harley enjoys experiences that he shares with residents for the first time, even those that don’t go quite to plan.

Recalling a meal he was making with a resident, he added: “There was a suggestion about making a poached egg to go with it, but neither of us had ever poached eggs before. It went terribly wrong even though we got YouTube videos involved. We were in stitches of laughter about how wrong it had gone with our pan of white froth and we had to get another support worker to show us how to do it properly. It’s having moments like that that stand out as some of the little reasons why I really love support work. It gives you such amazing feelings.”