A beautiful "safe" home for Melody

Melody moved into Moor House in January 2022 after a stay in hospital. Melody opened up about her struggle with self-harm and being a suicide risk.

“I was in hospital and I wasn’t safe enough to live on my own especially around medication. I moved here for that reason,” Melody explains. “I went from taking overdoses to self-harm. My last suicide attempt I ended up on a ventilator, so it was quite serious.”

Moving to Moor House is now helping Melody to live safely and independently, with the support of dedicated staff.

She says: “I’m so glad I came here. Mentally I feel so much better. I get so much support from the staff when I need it. They give me my medication at the right time, which is what I really needed.”

“It’s my safe space but independent as well which is what I really need. I really do feel safe here. Safer than I would do if I was, living at home on my own,” Melody adds.

Melody credits Moor House with giving her the opportunity to feel like “a new me” and her home reflects her creative personality and soul.

“I love creativity, any form of creativity – whether it’s cooking, or it’s painting or crochet, there’s so much that I love to do,” she says.

A multicoloured crocheted throw blanket she has stitched adorns her armchair, baskets she has woven from willow stand near the fireplace, and bright blue curtains matching the colour of Melody’s vibrant hair drape over the windows.

She laughs when she talks about her hair: “I dyed my hair about a year ago and I love it. I hit 48 and it’s quite close to 50 and I thought I don’t want to be plain and boring, I want to relive my childhood!”

And “boring” is not the word anyone would use to describe Melody’s home. Prints and frames adorn her walls, with a brightly coloured rug matching her throw sitting in the centre of her room.

Her open plan kitchen is both modern and stylish with contemporary black and copper canisters coordinating with her microwave, and pans. Iridescent utensils hung on the wall complement the colours of the multicoloured cow canvas art framed above.

A set of scales also reveals her love for baking – Mary Berry is her favourite baker (“she’s brilliant!”) and lemon cake is her go to bake.

Stood in the corner is a pair of hiking boots, revealing another of Melody’s passions. She often takes advantage of Moor House’s rural setting to go walking: “You get that amazing feeling of freedom when you’re walking,” she says.

On the mantelpiece sits a plaque featuring a resin bear next to the word ”HOME”. And for Melody, this is a home she loves. She smiles: “I love it here. I walk in and think – I did this! I really love my home.”