Resident Steven values his independence and has explored it more and more since moving in to Cornmill House shortly after Lee.

“The things I do now I would never have been able to do at home when I lived with my parents and brother. Living here, I push myself all the time to do things that I never thought possible before. 

It’s opened my eyes wide since I’ve been here to know there’s more out there in life than I was used to, and I can do it, if that’s what I want to do. It’s my choice to do it, not to be told I can’t do it because of the way I am and my disability. Now it’s all about what’s ahead. It’s about my home and the life I lead in it and from it.

I have my privacy here as well, while it’s a complex as such, I have my own front door and my own personal space and if someone had said to be 10 years ago I would be here, I would have said no way, it will never happen! But it really has.”