Suzanne Noble delivers nestful’s Brainwave which showcases their solution to “alleviate the housing crisis one room at a time.” Nestful connect people seeking affordable accommodation with older generations with rooms to spare who are struggling with cash flow.


The Silver Linings competition is an opportunity to rethink how we value our older generations and their care and find sustainable routes to invest in it via collaborative ideas that deliver for all.
At Triple Point the investment opportunities we unlock each have a challenge at their core. We are delighted to partner with the Silver Linings Competition – a competition focused on tackling an urgent societal challenge by finding investible and implementable sustainable solutions to transform care for older generations.
The ‘Brainwaves’ part of the competition closes to submissions tomorrow. ‘Brainwaves’ highlight a key problem faced in elderly care and provide an inspired solution. The ‘Business Plans’ part of the competition remains open to submissions – Silver Linings are looking for investable ideas that can be taken forward by interested parties.

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