“Simon’s family came to visit not long after he first moved in. I think they were really, really pleased, because we had found a property that not only suited Simon, but it meant that he had peers to live with, and that there would be somebody around all the time which has given Simon the confidence to do some of those things that he does now.”

Funded by Triple Point Housing REIT plc, an existing property at Oxford Road, in Abingdon has been converted into a shared home and a close community for the five people who live there.
The case needs of tenants include learning difficulties and autism, and they receive 24-hour dedicated support from staff at United Response. This support is focused on promoting confidence and independence. Housing officers from the registered provider Chrysalis visit weekly to provide additional intensive housing management services.
We spoke to Simon, one of the five individuals who lives at Oxford Road, and United Response Service Manager, Tony, about Simon’s experiences and how the property is enabling individuals to thrive.

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